3D and VFX for film, television, and advertising are our great passion. Punk Visual Studio offers visual effects of all kinds, including 3D, matte painting, set extensions, animation, motion capture, and compositing.

Our mission is to materialize the vision of directors and producers with high quality results so we are in a constant process of innovation and adaptation to new technologies.

Our extensive experience in shoots of all kinds leads us to offer a comprehensive video and digital film production service for cinema, television, advertising, corporate or music videos. We have a wide range of professionals and suppliers to face any type of audiovisual production with absolute guarantees.

This service works particularly well associated with our visual effects package. Having control over the shoot allows us to optimize workflow by reducing setbacks and making sure that everything comes to post production in the most efficient way, saving time and money by eliminating the “fix it in post” premise.

Virtual production for us is sinonymous of “the future of production” and will soon become the main focus of Punk Visual Studio as it unites traditional production with VFX, all packaged into a solution with  camera tracking, photoreal environments and VFX, chroma key and compositing, all in real time, to reduce time and costs while enhancing the creative flow in all types of projects. Both advertising agencies and producers alike as well as film and TV entertainment will benefit immensely from this new milestone.

For this purpose we have launched an intenssive R + D project to develop our own realtime virtual production solution using VR technology and the latest photoreal graphics provided by Unreal Engine.

In the field of interactive experiences we offer two differentiated services. 

On the one hand interactive 3D for web, which offers a huge range of possibilities in multiple fields such as e-commerce, product configuration, medicine, e-learning and training, and many others that benefit from realtime 3D rendering in any browser without downloading apps or installing external plug-ins on PC, tablet or mobile. 

On the other hand, we offer full development of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality solutions to create immersive experiences in video games, team building, industrial training, medical research and evaluation.

Commercial Print

It’s been years since photoreal 3D entered the world of advertising to stay. From fluid and smoke simulations to the final photo montage, the power of realistic rendering to advertise products is a powerful tool that we use every day.

Our passion for 3D production crosses its path with architecture visualization and interior design, where we intend to capture the architect’s vision and realize the promoter’s sales. 

Punk Visual Studio provides realistic, high resolution and large format renders, HD and 4K video with weather and crowd simulations, or virtual reality interactive experiences. Our services include indoor, outdoor, and landscaping to offer the customer the widest range of viewing possibilities.

Motion graphics are present in almost all current audiovisual content and Punk Visual Studio provides in all fields: film & TV credit titles, advertising, corporate, educational videos, etc.